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Transport trucks to small dump trucks with trailers hauling equipment and buses driving on Ontario's roadways create personal safety and environmental safety risks.

The Commercial Vehicle Operator's Registration (CVOR) system and the Carrier Safety Rating (CSR) program were developed by the Ministry of Transportation as part of Ontario's ongoing commitment to road safety.

This includes trucks that have a registered gross weight of over 4,500 kilograms, and buses that can carry ten or more passengers. Owners / operators of these vehicles must apply for, obtain and renew a CVOR certificate.

Every Owner/Operator is responsible for monitoring their CVOR record and the performance information it provides to ensure they hold a below threshold safety rating.

As an owner/operator, it is important that you proactively identify and address problem areas in order to improve your safety performance.

The Ministry of Transportation monitors various industries who operate vehicles on the highways, namely the trucking and construction industries, and assigns each a safety rating based on several factors, including:

URshield can provide services to assist companies and their employees understand the Commercial Vehicle Operators Registration mandate and how to avoid costly mistakes that could cripple the company's and the employees' livelihood.

URshield will assist organizations using a proactive approach tailored to each of the organization's needs.

URshield can provide services if you receive interventions / sanctions:

One stop by an officer can lead to several infractions:

5 CVOR Points:

Moving violations such as:

3 CVOR Points:

Document and weight or size charges such as:

2 CVOR Point Offences are:

Improper lights offence, obstructed window, improper muffler and seatbelt offences carry 1 CVOR point.


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